About Bridgeton Housing Authority

SOURCED NBHA: The NBHA is a public body organized and operating according to the laws of the State of New Jersey to build, own, and operate assisted and affordable housing. The NBHA operates several Asset Management Projects (AMP) with affordable and public housing units located within the City of New Brunswick. The NBHA also acts as the city’s designated Redevelopment Authority and completes all associated tasks relevant to that designation as outlined by New Jersey State Laws. NBHA operates a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program of approximately 968 vouchers and owns/manages a number of commercial, residential and multi-family properties through its redevelopment activities and with separate redevelopment partners.

The NBHA employs a staff of 16 with an operating budget of approximately $14 million dollars with total assets equaling $53 million dollars. All staff and management serve under an Executive Director who is hired by the Board of Commissioners to run the housing and redevelopment authority’s operations and who also serves as the Board’s Secretary. The seven member Board of Commissioners meets eleven times per year to hold their regular meetings. Special meeting(s) are called on an as needed basis.